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You need a DUI defense team that takes satisfaction in their extensive knowledge about South Carolina DUI Laws.  At The Woods Law Firm we don't JUDGE you, we fight to help you to get the best results possible!

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If you are looking around for lawyer, stop.  LOOK NO MORE< CALL HIM NOW!  I was very, very happy and you will be too!

- Jacquet Y.

When you call him he takes control of everything from the first minute and puts your mind at ease. He is efficient and organized and never have to worry about a thing!

-  A. F. M.

Exceptional representation! Got my case completely dismissed!

- AB

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Drunk Driving is Serious

Every state deals with DUI's differently, but South Carolina has severe punishments for convictions such as jail time, heavy fines and fees, suspension of your drivers license, a permanent criminal record, alcohol and drug classes (ADSAP), and also insurance premiums that may skyrocket due to a conviction. 

Smart and Responsive Lawyers

At The Woods Law Firm, we believe that you deserve more than just finding the best way to plead guilty.  A good DUI DEFENSE strategy challenges EVERYTHING about your arrest, from the initial probable cause for the traffic stop to the breath test and how you were treated at the police station.  We do everything we can to fight for a full dismissal of charges.

First Time Offenders

When charged with a DUI, you may face jail time if you are found guilty. But don't panic, we have successful strategies that may help you obtain an alternative sentence or program that doesn't include jail. We work hard to ensure your future and family aren't ruined because of a first-time mistake!


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